Monday, January 26, 2009


So I thought my Saturday was eventful, but my Sunday was a close second!

After the pancakes (previous scrub post) Peter, Alex, Kevin and I (all previous guests from the night before) went to the Lakers Game: Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs.

This day I officially broke my alcohol fast. Im sorry but Laker games are so much more fun with beer. So we enter the Staples Center, and go straight for the beer line and then to our seats, which are awesome seats, center section 111 row really close. It was my first game of the season and I was ready. We get there a bit late, but the Lakers have already set the lead. The game gets close, but never that close. We maintain our lead the whole game and win!!!

Anyways onto the food of the staples center. I usually stay away, due to some poor choices in the past. But did you know they have Nate n' Al's now!!! How cool is that!! Though I did not end up having any because of the big breakfast we had in the morning. But next time I will. My friends though didnt listen to my advice (they are from the south bay so they really just dont understand the goodness of Nate n Al's anyways). One got a hot dog and the other got nachos from Comacho's. I was shocked with both choices but actually had some of each and for junk food, it was tasty. I know what I just said. Maybe it was just the cleanse that got to me, and the lack of having anything processed, but i did enjoy my two bits of the hot dog and some chips covered in guac and that gross processed nacho cheese. OH MY GOD IM SORRY I AM ADMITTING THIS, but it was good and it will probably be the only time I will think this, so dont judge me!!

Onwards and up as they say. The game ended, we won, got our free two tacos from jbo (jack in the box) and walked over to LA Live to the Yard House.

We got seated right away and in a booth!! Oh do I love booths. Well we ordered our beers, I got the Chupacabra, raawwwrrr thats why I ordered it, the scary name, but definitely a good beer. Then we all shared the chopped salad, Bearnaise sliders and grilled Jamaican wings. Even though the beer was flowin, we all loved and devoured our food. What I was most surprised with, was the freshness of the food. The chopped salad actually had real corn, real veggies freshness bursting out from it! The sliders were also top qual. Usually you have sliders that are too bready and not enough meat. This was not the case. The bread was a squishy bun and the meat was tasty. It came with 4 sliders so one per person, perfect! The chicken wings were good too, not too spicy not too sweet. I usually do not eat wings anymore. The reason why? My acupuncturist told me all the hormones of the chicken are in the wings. And I knew that these wings were not organic but they were also drumettes, so whatever I was with a bunch of boys and they didnt care anything about hormones and wings. They just wanted food.

All in all, I am a total chain hater. But the Yard House is perfectly located to the Staples Center, with a great selection of drinks and definitely edible food. If you are down enjoying a game, this is a perfect stop to come after for some more drinks and appies!

Yard House
800 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 745-9273

After the Lakers and the Yard House, we went back to Koreatown for some R&R. Suddenly the sun had set and my stomach started to growl again. What better way to end the weekend than with some tacos!! I have not been able to enjoy tacos since my cleanse and even before that I was on some anti taco run. Well that is officially over and to El Parian we went.

Basically its a very simplistic setting. Grilled meats, goat, carne asada and carnitas. We came for the tacos and nothing else. Since I had my pork the day before, I got the carne asada. My first time with beef in like three weeks.

So lets start with the chips. They were completely forgettable. Not homemade and definitely from a bag. I mean they were round and salted. Whatever. Then the tacos, mmmm. Big homemade tortillas with LOTS of carne asada. I loved it because it also came with a plate with onions, cilantro and tomatoes. So basically we got to make our own tacos, well the fixin parts. I ate all of it. For not having beef in such a long time, this definitely hit the spot. The big juicy pieces of carne asada really were delicious. Thats what I call a hefty taco! And for four tacos total, it was only 12 dollars. Now thats a steal in these recession times and why I love tacos. I will have to come back for the other meats and if I do, Ill let you know.

PS: I saw another couple in there get a dinner of beans, rice and meat ( I dont know which kind) but he definitely was into it using his fingers and teeth and not much else. A sight like that always brings a smile to my face. Embracing our try carnivorous traits.

Also after not eating beef for 3 weeks, this was the hardest for my body to recover from. The body in general find beef very complicated to digest and boy oh boy did I realize that. It took me all night and all morning for my bloated stomach to finally go away. Next time I'll just use more of my digest tincture :)!!

El Parian
1528 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 386-7361

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