Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ooey-Gooey they say Double, I say Triple Chocolate Cookies

Milk's Ooey-Gooey Double Chocolate Cookies


YES, I did make these. So now that my cleanse is officially over, what better way to celebrate than to make cookies!! Three different types of chocolate to be exact!

This all came about during my cleanse, when I would tease myself everyday by looking at various food articles and blogs. This one I found in the LA Times. A reader frequents MILK and wrote into the LA Times for the ooey-gooey chocolate cookie recipe. I read it and said I must try it!

Let me just add my two cents about MILK. I have only been once and had a mint chocolate chip shake. It was delicious but also completely overpriced. I imagine these cookies would be the same.

You see I am first a baker and then a chef. Its due to my massive sweet tooth. So I have made my fair share of chocolate cookies. Most of them are amazing and I basically if I have a recipe in front of me that includes chocolate, people adore my cookies/brownies you name it. I literally grew up on making chocolate chip cookies. My first recipe coming from the Stars dessert book. I had made them so much I figured out the perfect alteration to them to make them my own. And this was all done at the age of 9 years old. But then my house burned down in the Malibu fires in '93 and the recipe with my alterations were lost forever.

I definitely have come a long way since then, but with all that experimenting at a young age, I really got to understand what flour can do in the baking process. But with each new recipe, it takes at least once to bake it to understand what all the components will do anyways.

So back to Monday (2/26) and the official end of the cleanse. After a food filled weekend, what better way to make it last a bit longer than to make these cookies. And I did. With cocoa powder (2 tablespoons), unsweetened chocolate (1/4 pound) and chopped bits of bittersweet chocolate (1 pound!). It actually was a very simple recipe and very quick to put together. The recipe called for it to make 18 cookies, but I realized the cookies would be very large, so I made half the large size, and the other half a normal cookie size. It was interesting to see them bake. At the half way mark when I turned the pan, the middle was still high with runny sides. But by the time I took them out of the oven, they looked like real cookies.

I tried one right away and it was DECADENT!! But they were also very soft and tender due to the chocolate chips inside them. I couldn't pick them up yet without them falling apart and I had to get to class, so i put them in the fridge to bring them together. I actually liked this. It made them a bit more crunchy due to the chocolate chips coming back to its true hard self, then surrounded in chocolate cookie.

I tried one more, and still DECADENT!!! Though refrigerating made them loose the ooey-gooeyness, it did not lose any of the sweetness. Literally you only need one cookie these things are soo sweet. Now its time to give them out and see what others think of them.

Though these are not my favorite chocolate cookies, I prefer some others that I make that is similar to this recipe just not as decadent, they still are delicous. I will make some "Chocolate Drops" later and post a blog on it. The cookie showdown, soon to come!!

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