Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oldy but Goody Matsuhisa

Mmmm protien. My first day back into the life of meat, I started off with fish. I didn't want to get myself too overwhelmed. To celebrate, my awesome bf took me to Matsuhisa on La Cienega. It was not the first time I have been here, but boy was it yummy! We had a 9:00 reservation and arrived on time, only to wait ten minutes for the party in our seats to leave. I was hangry (hungry which causes anger) at this point so I was NOT amused. Once we were seated we went over the menu and waited for the waiter to bring us the specials board. Once he came over to take our order, I was like and what are the specials....he gave me this look like "oh yea oops." He is a waiter, i was shocked that he forgot his job that I cannot see a tiny board across the room, yes bring it over to me now please, and he did. I went over the specials and overall not that appealing. But we did order the lobster with guacamole. From the normal menu we ordered the taradito, tuna takaki with garlic, kampachi and spanish makarel sushi.

The tuna takaki garlic thing arrived first. It was displayed in a beautiful lotus flower shape and was quite delicious. Then we got the taradito. It was i think a white fish with black salt, cilantro and a dot of spicyness on it in a citrus sauce. This was soooooooo good. I mean it was literally a party in my mouth. It is a Peruvian influenced dish and I loved every second of it. I wish I was eating it right now. Then we got the lobster with guacamole. Was that interesting. First off everything was hot, including the guac which I was not expecting. But the only reason why I ordered it was because I have an obsession with lobster and avocados. The first bite was intriguing, due to the guac being warm, but then I warmed up to it. I realized all the flavors were nice together, creamy guac with the creamy crunchy tail of the lobster. The warmth I also enjoyed. I basically ended up licking this plate clean with the cauliflower and spinach that it came with. After that we got the sushi which was basically whatever, But the Kampachi was really good. We were still hungry (well I was) and we got some salmon sushi and the black cod miso because I thought we ordered it but we didnt yet. That was sooo good. The fish was creamy oily and sweet from the miso. I have had this dish before at other places and it is just a classically good combo and it was done right here tonight. No need for dessert, because the sweetness of the miso with the cod was enough for me. Actually I am lying, I am still on my cleanse so I can't have sugar yet so this is the real reason. But overall it was just as satisfying as the chocolate cake think I saw (well not really Im lying again, but this is what I have to think to prevent myself from going crazy with jealousy)

overall matsuhisa is still a great nobu restaurant and the bill I was not shocked at either which was a pleasant surprise. I will thank my cleanse again for not letting me drink so thats why the bill was cheaper than expected.

let me say, by the time we left, I had quite a fill of celebrity sightings, so if you are into that then that would be fun, i guess. But it was fun to see Richard Bronson right at the table next to me.

And in the end I'll still leave Matsuhisa to those special night dinners, unlike most of the clientele there. And stick to the dishes and not so much the sushi.

ps, sorry for no pics: left the camera at home...I promise Ill have some for my future adventures.

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