Friday, January 23, 2009 wrote a great article on my favorite line, the red line

Even though I have started my own blog, it only came to fruition due to my obsession reading other LA based blogs. just published a blog about the Metro Red Line and cheap eats at every stop.  I have only been to a few like the Grand Central Market downtown where I had delicious papusa's and horchata's mmmm.  The whole mess of the GCM is very fun and busy, and if you have never been you need to go.  Just at least to experience a great LA landmark and get some tasty treats too!  
Other stops I have been to on the list are Daikokuya where they have unbelievable ramen.  The story goes my bf and I took the redline down there, and then did a ten min walk to the ramen house.  There was a line which was fine, so we went to a bar down the street and the drinking began!  We walked down its "alley" and to the bar we sat.  After a round of my fav, gin and tonic, we went back to the ramen house and it was perfect timing! We sat down within 5 minutes.  We then ordered the delicious ramen with a pitcher of beer. Mmmmmm the memories of that meal.  I bet there are other ramen houses that are just as good around, and better ones in san gabriel and arcadia, but boy o boy was this one yummy!

So back to the red line.  The suggestions that I need to try are Philadelphia sandwhiches (mmm cheesy steaky goodness), Kowloom Dimsum because i just looove little dumplings! 

My addition: At the Hollywood and western stop, get out and go to Chuan Chim, literally 6 dollars each plate for good quality taste!  I went there with about 10 friends and we were all happily stuffed, ordered whatever we wanted and by the end the check was ridiculously cheap. We also all brought some wine (no corkage fee!!) and they brought us only 5 "glasses" because its all they had (oops for us being drunkards) and the rest used plastic cafeteria cups!! woohooo totally made the night!  Anyways, this is a must go in these hard times we are in.

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