Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here I Am

So Ive decided to give this another go. We recently have been getting boxes of veggies/fruits from this website: Its super great. We get the small box for $19 bucks a week and then we have food at the apartment!!

Its a genius idea. I am in total love.

Why this is so great? It makes me cook again!!!

Last week was a failure, so we will not talk about that anymore. But this weekend, I am gonna make some marinated cauliflower salad from a recipe I get on

You see now that I am two weeks into my box delivery, I have two heads of cauliflower. And it being super bowl Sunday tomorrow, I need to bring something over with cauliflower. So soup isn't so travel friendly, and a crudette could be a fab idea. But for some reason I have this memory of my mother making a delicious cauliflower salad. So here I go, I hope it turns out well.

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