Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Dorkbar aka Corkbar

What an terrible experience. Well the company was fabulous. But this so called winebar, well not so called, it is. Anyways, what a lame, overpriced, snooty lame waiters and poorly poured wine place this was.

So my bf and his bro and his wife and I all had plans to go to the Clippers game. I was very excited because I have never been to a Clippers game my whole life! And how could this be considering I have been an Angeleno resident my whole life. So off we went. We all love food and drinks so we wanted to go somewhere before the game. Especially since the options at the Staples Center are less than appealing (except for Nate n Al's which I have yet to experience).

I was reading about Corkbar and told them about it, but was secretly wanting to go back to Casa for their Saturday happy hours. But no Corkbar was in walking distance so we decided it would be better.

So we walked. To the Corkbar. And entered. Sat down. Then I met the waitress. Oh man. She first started the conversation by saying to excuse her Ipod, that is how the waiters input the order to the kitchen, and that she is not ignoring us or playing on it. First off, what a stupid way to start a conversation with your clients. I definatly believe in server ettiquite and this was not a correct way to start off our new relationship. Immediatly I was put off. This was not helped by the menu I was looking at either. It was about 20 5x12" pages stuck to a wood piece going vertical. So here I was going through all of them. I mean I totally understand we are at a wine bar, but I do prefer not having to search for my food menu.

Once we ordered and started recieving our food and drinks, it only got worse. When ordering our drinks, our waitress complimented half of the tables order. I would understand one person, but come on! Also no helpful advice was given to us. She was definatly way to young to understand anything about good food and wine...and felt like a transplant from kansas or something because she felt completely out of place.

Then the drinks arrived. Two of us ordered glasses of wine. We were SHOCKED when we got them. The pour was great, if we had ordered a bottle of wine for the table. But for a $12 glass of wine, the pour was tiny, miniscule, and sad. Definatly a good way to get the customer to feel ripped off. Now let me say this, I am not a know it all when it comes to wine, but I am surronded by family members my whole life are. They have discussed literally for the past 5 years what a pour should look like. So I think I know too. Lets just say that if my sister had come with me, the manager would have definatly been at our table to fix this wrong doing in under 5 minutes.

So then our food comes out. For some sharing items we got the bean puree and mac and cheese. OH MAN OH MAN are they serious?! So the bean puree was actually a bean puree on a tiny teeny crostini on a HUGE white plate surronded in olive oil dripple that was there purley for show. Yes the bean puree with truffle oil crostini was good, but it had truffle oil so gimme me a break. Its really not that hard to mess up a bean puree with truffle oil, but they did by the insulting presentation.

On the other hand, the Mac and Cheese was delicious. Definatly the best thing we had all night due to the fact that it had delicoius pasillo peppers in it. It was served in a two serving ramekin and was devoured by all. The other food we ordered was good, but definatly not perfected yet. We had ordered the chaucterie sandwhich, which came with delicous salami, arugula, onions but on a HUGE bagette, which soon turned into an open face sandwhich. This is what really gets me. Why don't people understand about the meat and bread ratio! It really is not that difficult since we have all been eating sandwhiches since we were two years old!!!

On a good note, they did have a fun and nice decor with a good atmosphere.

Overall this restuarant was a huge failure in my eyes. I would never go back unless dragged. Next time I will be at the Staples Center, maybe ill just stick with my lagers and try that good ol Nate n Al's.

Go home corkbar, you overpriced, poorly plated, stupid Ipod serving lame excuse for a wine bar.

So we looked

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