Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Night out at Casa and The Varnish

So Casa and The Varnish on Thursday. What an awesome way to spend a bland ol boring thursday.

So I am almost 25 and I have been feeling that my youth is slipping though my fingers. Just between school, my work and midterms, I feel like I am not living my life as a 24 year old should be. So I decided to do something about it.

We start our night at Casa, which peter and I take the metro, cause we are so retro. The restuarnt is VERY cool inside. They have this whole circle motif and we get seated in one of the bigger once where we get a booth! I loooove booths!

Its a easy going night, so we share a pitcher of Sangria for $15 (the happy hour/late night specials were not available yet). The sangria was delcious with wine and some kind of hard A, i forget which one. We also order the pastor tacos and the Ceasar Salad. The tacos come in hand made tortillas but are BIG portions, which I always appreciate! The salad was large and deliocus. It came out as whole romaine leaves, which I just cut up to look like a normal salad.

Everything was delicous. I would totally go here again, especially maybe for my upcoming bday!!

The Varnish

My friend came to meet us at Casa before we all went to the Varnish to meet up with our other friend. Thankfully we did not have to walk all the way to Cole's...not like that was ever the idea.

Anyways, we get to Coles and see a doorman and assume its the right place. We get in, its a cool bar with awesome music, comfy lounge areas and a old school drinking menu. Again still assume its the right place. But its not. Its the Ambassador that is next to Cole's. But we hang out anyways, order our fruffy drinks, that are delicious. But then go to the real story.

Once we enter Cole's we go to the back room, through the door with the martini glass on it.


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  1. So what happened after you entered??

    I like your "about me" :)


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