Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a Lil rant

Why do we go to restuarants? To eat good food of course!

Why in LA, are friday and Saturday meals the exception! I have been to many "fancy/nice/top quality" places in my life. And when I go to these places that are known for its chefs and its good cuisine, I expect to receive it.

Once I order and have my meal, its just par or even sub par!!! ITS GHASTLY AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED!! I mean, come on, I am here to order your expensive food and expect top of the line flavors. And when I don't get it, the excuse always comes next....well you went on a friday or saturday. The kitchen is overly busy. The staff are overly busy and or understaffed.

Well you know what. That is the service industry! They are here to serve me!! And I expect good food everyday the restuarant is open!! Not just on the slow days!!

This unfortunatly has seemed to become the norm for our LA restuarants. We need to get over ourselves and get back to basics. If beyonce can sing, dance and act all in one show, then chefs should be able to blast out amazing food and servers should be able to serve it on time and then ask me how I am doing and if I would like anything else.

All I am asking for is a delighful belly and some attention. IS THAT TOO MUCH?!?! (especially at these $$$$ places?)

Money is money and we all have a bit less of it these days. Food is food, but done well, it can make my week, or even year!!

I am over all these places that give me the hype with nothing to back it up. And im not talking about whats hot right now places, Im talking about the top LA chef 's. You are only as great as your team!!

(I have not been to Bazaar yet)

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