Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bakin and Shakin all weekend long!

So I totally have midterms this week, and what better way to combat the stress than to bake!!

I was born a baker, I love to cook, but I LOVE to bake. As a little child I was the Chocolate Chip Cookie master. Then it moved to biscuits. There was a period of time where I was making biscuits every weekend to master my skills. This time also coincided with my sister and her new boyfriend getting together. He loved my biscuits, and I think partly that was the reason why he was with her. Literally my biscuits are THAT good.

Well back to this weekend. Saturaday monring I woke up and made the plunge. Its been a LONG time since I had made biscuits, so I knew it was long overdue. I took the recipe from the Joy of Cooking. This is not my normal recipe, but its what I had so I tried it. I cut it in half because I kinda knew I would be the only one eating these things (which I was). But, I added my special touch. I soaked the biscuit tops in butter. Well you are supposed to brush on the melted butter, but I didnt have a brush. So I improvised, DUNK!

The biscuits came out well. Im still figuring out how to cook in Peter's oven, nothing browns in it! Well some things do, but I am still trying to master that fact.

The biscuits were a tad bit undercooked, but thats because I ate one right away. Once they sat for a while, they were great. And I used my fav blueberry jam with them.

Later that day, I was all alone in Peters apartment, studying. I was craving chocolate chip cookies. Craving. So I made them.

Differences between my cookies and others I have made before:

I had to use a cuisinart instead of a mixer

I had whole wheat flour for more than half my dough instead of all purpose flour

I only had white sugar, no brown sugar

These differences made my cookies different, but still DELICIOUS!!
They were interesting too.  THey were more granulated because the sugar never really melted.  Before I made these cookies I did a bit of research.  Someone said to melt the sugar and the butter together.  This would probably have made them more combined in flavors.  

The cooking process was interesting.  I cooked six cookies at a time and each batch was baked at a different time, ie 10 min, 12  min, 15 min.  This was truly a very interesting experience.  

I definitely liked these cookies at their crispiest.   

MMMM cookies.  If I had a final in cookies, I would definitely ace it!

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